Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What were we thinking???

I opened The GameBoard in 2006.  It was my goal to have a family fun game store, that focused on building brain strength.  Learning through multiple intelligences and creating an environment that nurtured community growth.  I have a son who struggled with speech early in his life, he needed a new way to learn and express himself.  Little did I know that our gaming community would reach out in 3 years and help us find the answer to the problem he was having.  

1 year after graduating from speech therapy, my son, realized he was losing his speech again. He asked to be retested.  During this time, I met a customer, who was researching games. She was looking to buy games to help her son in school, he was Dysgraphic.  In our conversation I recognized my son. The next week my son was tested and diagnosed with Dysgraphia.    http://www.as.wvu.edu/~scidis/dysgraphia.html

We found out that through games, laptops, and many concerned teachers we could create a program that helped him enjoy writing and being creative. My 2nd son was diagnosed this past Spring. I am so glad that we have been proactive in helping them.

One of the programs that I created at The GameBoard was called a GameExperiment. This past year I was honored to have my program recognized by GAMA, the Game and Manufacturing Association. I was asked to create a business model that would work for retailers to host a program based off my successes. I have since certified retailers in Ohio at the Origins Trade Day in June.

So here we are 5 years later after succeeding with our first business plan.  I am now looking to the future here in Sheboygan. Where I have encouraged a team backed by the Sheboygan Area School District, Mead Public Library, Above and Beyond Children's Museum and the wonderful gaming community we have created.   Game to Live, Live to Game was our first motto....and we have done just that!