Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dreams can come true

For over 7 years I have watched many joyous faces walk through the doors of my tiny, little, cozy store.

Friends meeting each other, acquaintances rekindling a friendship, folks who thought "they" were the only ones who liked to "play", sweet children who didn't know there was more to 'play' and grandparents who thought games weren't for them. They all have come and they continue to bring friends.  We grew this from nothing.

But we have sad news.
We have outgrown this cozy little corner of our world! Our friends spill out into the parking lot and garden when it is warmer.  In the cold they huddle by the wall and talk, then head back in for another game. They stand at shelves, gather around cafe tables and sit on the floor.

We want, we beg, we hope and we pray daily for a bigger space.  I found a place I think we can grow with, it's not too far and it gives us wonderful opportunities for expansion. There is only one thing standing in our way.  We own the building that houses the current store front....we need to sell it and move!  Can you help? Spread the word....share this us find a buyer for our really cute corner of the world.  SO we can expand your gaming community!

Love, Lynn

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fire and Ice!

In the midst of winter we are blessed with Fire and Ice!

Every year for the last 13 years a group of gamers has come together at the end of February to celebrate the love and joy of gaming.  Gaming in it's many forms dice, cards, boards, miniatures, pencils and paper are all gathered in to one big space for a short 3 days at the Fire and Ice Gaming Convention.  Folks from many states away make this their winter retreat.  It began in Sheboygan in 2001 but years ago found a new home in Manitowoc at the County Exposition center.

Vendors from 3 counties away gather to sell unique and interesting product to a vast sea of players. Players with one thing in mind the joy of the game, the thrill of the roll, the creation of a new character.  Let the gaming begin!  This coming Friday, Feb 21,  The GameBoard will be setting up it's space at Fire and Ice.  We have a large selection of games in our docket and we are excited to start playing with you!  See you at Fire and Ice!

But if you can't make it, we understand, drop in at the store where Tina will be entertaining the customers with her knowledge of the newest set of Magic!  Perhaps you will be lucky enough to get to visit Jace and see how he is growing! If you haven't tried the game Rampage yet we have an open copy for rent or sample the newest Fluxx board game!  YES, board game!

I really want to Thank all my customers for wiping their feet at the door.  With the new flooring and all the challenges of winter I feel like I am constantly harping on you as you enter.  BUT I appreciate the fact that everyone has been most accommodating!  Your spouses and moms would be proud of the length of time each person takes to get the excess snow off before walking in!

If you haven't gotten on our email list make sure you are signed up on our website on the Promotions page. We are sending out a once a month special and we don't want you to miss it!
Thanks for stopping, now it's your turn!
Love, Lynn

Thursday, February 6, 2014's cold outside!

I can hardly believe that January has come and gone and we are rolling quickly through February! SO much has been occurring for us at The GameBoard so let me back up and give you an end year update.  At the end of November we had new flooring installed and with all the snow and salt it was just in time. For 3 days the building was in an uproar, stuff was moved, stored and carpet was pulled. The end result of laminate wood tile was amazing and well worth the wait.

By then the Christmas holiday was in full swing, followed swiftly by New Year's!  We stumbled into January and spent half a day doing inventory, with Rachel, Becky and Kevin, we really clicked.

January and the weather has really been crazy!  So much cold and snow our numbers are skyrocketing for board game rentals.  Nobody wants to be outside so what better idea, a warm fire and a hot game!   The 2nd week of January we were invited to Lutheran High to participate in their Winterim program.  This was our 3rd or 4th year of being asked back, it is always fun and a great adventure!    Here is what their adviser and our good friend, Rick Zuener, had to say:

“Board games, education and leadership… how can games be connected to education and the principles of leadership?” This was the focus of our Leadership Games Winterim run by Richard Zeuner, extracurricular advisor to our LHS Games Club. Starting with the history of games and a wide variety of board games, students saw the difference between good ones and great ones. The kids who were in this one-week, all-day class learned how to play, teach and review some of the best games in the industry today.
Al Waller, the president of Out of the Box Publishing Inc., came to share the value of games in education and what running and leading a game company is like. His company is responsible for hits like Apples to Apples, 7 Ate 9, and Snake Oil. He also brought Word on the Street for the class to play. Instead of a table-top version, the class helped set up and play a giant fifty-foot version in the gym. Needless to say, the thirteen participants had a great time rushing to spell out words in the thirty second time-limit given for each category read.
Lynn Potyen, Owner of The GameBoard game store in Sheboygan, came on Friday to share with our class, Werewolves of Miller Hollow, a group dynamic game that pits people-reading skills against deception. Her expertise in business, drama, and gaming made the event one of the class’ favorites of the week. Not knowing if you could trust your best friend in the game heightened the tension and excitement during game-play. It reminded all of the participants that knowing the truth is a critical part of life and that blindly trusting people, even sometimes friends, can lead to dire consequences.

Every day began with a devotion and each session helped the participants to use their God-given talents to problem-solve, teach, learn, explore and enjoy the fun and fellowship board games provide, all while learning how to be better Christian leaders, one student at a time!

Next week is Valentine's Day already, there is still time to pick out a nice 2 player game. Plus we have a special 1/2 off on the Pink Hijinks by Looney Labs, just mention this blog! Value $10.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Love, Lynn