Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dreams can come true

For over 7 years I have watched many joyous faces walk through the doors of my tiny, little, cozy store.

Friends meeting each other, acquaintances rekindling a friendship, folks who thought "they" were the only ones who liked to "play", sweet children who didn't know there was more to 'play' and grandparents who thought games weren't for them. They all have come and they continue to bring friends.  We grew this from nothing.

But we have sad news.
We have outgrown this cozy little corner of our world! Our friends spill out into the parking lot and garden when it is warmer.  In the cold they huddle by the wall and talk, then head back in for another game. They stand at shelves, gather around cafe tables and sit on the floor.

We want, we beg, we hope and we pray daily for a bigger space.  I found a place I think we can grow with, it's not too far and it gives us wonderful opportunities for expansion. There is only one thing standing in our way.  We own the building that houses the current store front....we need to sell it and move!  Can you help? Spread the word....share this us find a buyer for our really cute corner of the world.  SO we can expand your gaming community!

Love, Lynn

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