Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Merry Christmas! Yeah we said it!

Oh no.  Did you hear that????  They said 'Merry Christmas'!

What you didn't realize was that yesterday I said Happy Chanukah to all my Jewish friends. In exactly two weeks I'll wish you a Happy New Year and I might even throw in a Happy Kwannza from  the 26th to the 1st!  I'm a rebel!

But seriously, I love wishing people a Merry Christmas it's the birthday of someone I hold very dear.  8 years ago, when we started The GameBoard, I had to make a really hard I say Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas?

When opening a store the list of things to accomplish, the decisions to make is long and arduous. You have important thoughts like which bank do I go with? What company to hire for the h-vac system? What size hard drive on my computer? How many employees will we need?  What games to fill the shelves? we ever wonder what to say on that December Holiday?

I never realized what an important decision this would be.  I made my decision and then I offered the options to all my employees.  Whatever they felt comfortable with and if their choice was to say Merry Christmas, I would stand behind that greeting.  I head to this holiday every year with excitement and awe at how many of our customers "thank" us for saying Merry Christmas and avoiding the "Happy Holiday" back up!

Try it......It's refreshing.....I promise that nobody here will complain, Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Love, Lynn