Friday, August 30, 2013

Running out of Time

I am running out of time.....again.  Every year this happens and every year I berate myself for not being organized enough. So you would think by now I would be prepared? it comes sneaking up on me like a Bengal tiger....stealthy in it's approach....stalking me like the prey I am.  Labor Day weekend.

For most of you outside Sheboygan you are saying 'so what?'  But here in town we know what that means.......First day of school.  And before you get all up in arms about how you have been back for so many weeks, we don't get out till sometime after June 12 and even then there is a high probability that we still have snow.  (under bushes...but it's there)

So now I am running out of do what, you ask?  To be with my kids.  It's that simple.  Every year we make plans, 'This summer we will do______'...plans.  For instance, painting their rooms...never been done, but has been at the top of the list for 9 years running!  Going for a long bike ride down Old Plank Road, taking all 3 to the beach and having a bonfire, going to Milwaukee for the day.........But as of Monday summer is over.  Plans get put on hold and summer is gone.

I get frustrated just thinking about how many years I have wasted not getting any of this stuff done. Then my kids walk in the room  and smile and say "Mom, I love you".  It's then that I remember why I am okay with being "disorganized" because as my friends are shuttling their kids off to college for the first year.  I still have 2 summers left to be disorganized, not paint, ignore the bike trail, before I have to pack up my kids for College.

Now before the day evaporates I think I'll go love on my kids......

~Love, Lynn