Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hoping for the Best Community Outreach Program Award!

#thegameboard we just sent in our nomination for Best Community Outreach Programming. I had 150 words to state what we have accomplished.....This is just a portion of what we have done in 8 years, no wonder I'm tired!

The GameBoard, 1832 N 8th st, Sheboygan WI

We'd like to describe community outreach things we have done in the past 8 years like.......Hundreds of  school fieldtrips, Parkinson's workshops, Dementia Care family programming, senior memory assistance & social play, non-verbal and verbal programming for handicap clients, church events, speech therapy & reading assistance, business workshops for stress reduction & collaboration, Dementia Care Network membership, Alzheimer's partnership- walking as a store, donating & a resource to partners/caregivers/customers, facilitating a passport program for 10 nonprofit/profit organizations to excel tourism, birthday parties, library partner for the summer reading program & year round events,  renting demos to individuals, weddings, picnics, schools,  Aging and Disability brain health workshops, speed dating for business networking, game convention sales, Salvation Army game events, fundraisers, donating to education, presenting and workshops at caregiver conferences, playshops for the Cancer Community, headlining in the newspaper for Brain Health Programs.... we could go on but we ran out of space....

Hopefully you have read about 2-3 programs you never knew we had....give us a call to get an event at your location!
Love, Lynn