Monday, October 24, 2011

Ways to show your love!

It's a beautiful fall morning and soon the crisp cool air will turn frigid here in Sheboygan.  Before that happens and we loose sight of all the cool summer activities we enjoyed.  Let's raise a glass to summer and everything special about Sheboygan.  Cool breeze off the Lake, sand in our toes, biking everywhere around town, shopping at the farmers market, and playing games at The GameBoard--especially outside!

Winter takes us indoors and often we forget that The GameBoard can come too!  Rent a game for the holidays, saves you money and space! Stop in on a Tuesday night for a date night 7-11pm (don't forget dinner out first!).  Pop in and write a WishList of all the great games you have been wanting all season long.  Then give a WishList shopping card to family and friends, we will remove any purchase made in store and keep your list current (and secret)! 
Just because summer is over doesn't mean game night ends!  

So when you get a chance, share us with friends.  The GameBoard is like a fine wine better if 'open and shared'!  

On our Page you will see on the right side a recommendation spot, you can write a recommendation for us as a holiday gift! We would love it!  
Or Surprise us and give us the BEST GIFT EVER and write a quick review and post them on:

Never hurts to share ones love!    
Thanks and Happy Halloween!!!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

In the beginning....

We opened our doors on October 6th, 2006...after 5 months of hard labor to get the place in tip top condition.  Tearing down the inside to the bare brick, scrubbing all surfaces, pulling the old heating system and adding air conditioning. New doors and windows, brand new bath fixtures, plus we built the desk and had the patio and backyard finished.

We had two giant setbacks, 3 weeks before we were to open the city tore up 8th and Lincoln to replace the sewers.  The workers were amazing and worked quickly to help us out!  The second setback was in August we had met in a phone conference with Dusty from ACD he was to be my sales rep. Dusty knew everything we had been through and all the info on our research of what games to sell, it was a 2 hour conference.   4 Days later on the way home, his wife is in the car behind his motorcycle.  She watches as he is killed in a car accident. It was a horrible way to start.  But ACD in their grief jumped to get us a new rep and get us back on our feet. To this day Dusty is still missed.

Then October 6th came, we unlocked the doors and let people in and we haven't been lonely since!  Thanks to all of you, our great customers who encourage and research and suggest and build and are loyal and believe in our mission.  THANKS!