Thursday, September 26, 2013

Come play mind games with me……

Let’s jump for joy, shout from every mountain and sing the praises of our brains!  I love my brain and sometimes it needs a vacation.  Giving my brain exercise is something we overlook in our day to day routine.  We ignore brain stimulation and instead plant ourselves in front of some mindless task.  Our brains are screaming for more!
By using a combination of board games and puzzles, not only do you stimulate your imagination but you enhance your mental capabilities.   The best part is its fun!  In today’s board game market there are lots of choices for social game play and solitary game play, too.  These are not your grandparents’ board games!  Board games took a turn in 1995 when a little known game made its way to America from Germany.  The game was, Settler’s of Catan, and is today one of the best known European style board games.
Our brains eat up the game play, because it is engaging.  We are in control of our turns, because these games are based more in strategy then luck.  For instance, when rolling dice we hope to roll a high number, but when given a hand of cards we can decide which card is the best to be played.  Sheapshead, Euchre, Chess, Dominos, Cribbage are all based in strategy and decision skills.  We love them!   Sadly there isn’t always the right amount of people to play with or maybe our family doesn’t like our favorite game.  Sometimes this leads to playing video games.
There is another choice; board games occasionally have solitary play options.  By changing up the game it creates another format of enjoyment.  Every now and then, playing alone is a great way to stimulate your brain.  When you play alone, you can give your brain the massage it needs and challenge yourself to improve your game play.  In singular game play, you can take a risk that you wouldn’t take, if the game was riding on your actions.

Board game themes are full of rich, captivating story lines. So bring out that old friend you haven’t played with in years and reconnect with that game.  Or take some time and peruse your local board game store.  Remember there is something very enjoyable about holding the weight of the latest board game, feeling the beautiful linen board and rifling through the crisp untouched cards.   Your next adventure awaits you and it is at the tip of your fingers.

By Lynn Potyen, Owner of The GameBoard in Sheboygan WI