Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fire and Ice!

In the midst of winter we are blessed with Fire and Ice!

Every year for the last 13 years a group of gamers has come together at the end of February to celebrate the love and joy of gaming.  Gaming in it's many forms dice, cards, boards, miniatures, pencils and paper are all gathered in to one big space for a short 3 days at the Fire and Ice Gaming Convention.  Folks from many states away make this their winter retreat.  It began in Sheboygan in 2001 but years ago found a new home in Manitowoc at the County Exposition center.

Vendors from 3 counties away gather to sell unique and interesting product to a vast sea of players. Players with one thing in mind the joy of the game, the thrill of the roll, the creation of a new character.  Let the gaming begin!  This coming Friday, Feb 21,  The GameBoard will be setting up it's space at Fire and Ice.  We have a large selection of games in our docket and we are excited to start playing with you!  See you at Fire and Ice!

But if you can't make it, we understand, drop in at the store where Tina will be entertaining the customers with her knowledge of the newest set of Magic!  Perhaps you will be lucky enough to get to visit Jace and see how he is growing! If you haven't tried the game Rampage yet we have an open copy for rent or sample the newest Fluxx board game!  YES, board game!

I really want to Thank all my customers for wiping their feet at the door.  With the new flooring and all the challenges of winter I feel like I am constantly harping on you as you enter.  BUT I appreciate the fact that everyone has been most accommodating!  Your spouses and moms would be proud of the length of time each person takes to get the excess snow off before walking in!

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Thanks for stopping, now it's your turn!
Love, Lynn

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