Saturday, November 23, 2013

Do you believe in fairy tales?

It's that time of year when folks go from store to store trying to find the "perfect" gift.  I often wonder if it even exists?   At The GameBoard we offer new and unusual gifts. Plus ways to try the product without making a deep commitment or without searching for the fairy tale of perfection.

In the last 30 years games have evolved becoming more elaborate and unique. Like clothes, not every game 'fits' or like a gourmet meal 'tastes' right for everyone.  Our lives are fast paced, our homes are busy and often have little room for storage. So we created a program that enables the game player to comfortably "try on" a game.  

5 years ago we took a chance and started our Game Rental program.  Others told us it couldn't work, that we would end up missing components of our games.  We told them our customers love games, they'll be careful, this will work!  We were right!

Not only does renting make your game closet is as big as ours but we store it for you! Every year we shop at 5 different conferences nationwide to bring you new and interesting products.  Some that you may want to play once others you might like to own. So then we stepped the program up a notch and offer you the rental fee as a credit towards your purchase of that game.

So next time you want to get a unique gift, first bring your family on a trip through our store.  Rent a game and show them a good time and if they like it, then you have a perfect gift idea!  One that will last for years and years of play-ability and great fairy tale memories!    

Here's to a great Thanksgiving and don't forget to rent a game and make those fairy tales come true!

Happy Holidays,
Love Lynn                                                                                              

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