Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Every year we are faced with this pick a resolution thing. Often it is based on improving and changing ourselves but they set us up, more likely, for failure.  This year we are encouraging you to have a resolution that you won't fail at.  Stick with me now...don't change to another facebook message or skip over to youtube, this is easy!  

The New Years gift that improves ones self..... learn 1 new game a month!  After a year you will have learned 12 new games!!!!  Games that will build your social graces, improve your memory,engage yourself in good sportsmanship, embrace the brotherhood of game players and courageously increase your board game library of knowledge!

Think about it!!!  Your friends will be jealous, you have FREETIME to play at The GameBoard?  You will increase your MEMORY and the time gained at Walmart not wandering helplessly up and down aisles, can be spent with family! You won't get upset over silly road rage instances because you are a GOOD SPORT!  No more climbing out of your vehicle to break someone elses windshield because you have PATIENCE.  Imagine the raises you will get with your strengthened gray matter, after all playing a board game is amazing for BRAIN HEALTH!  

So go ahead pick the resolution that keeps on giving... and this will be the year you fulfilled that RESOLUTION and it was FUN!  

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