Friday, May 3, 2013

Future Self

Every now and then my family members refer to themselves as "Future Self".  This is a term of endearment to the person they some day will be.  As for me, I wonder if the kids who come to the store, believe me to be my "Future Self".  Do they think this is my "end", is this the most adult I will be.  Little do they know that I have years to go before I stop playing in the game of life.

When you are young you can't quite envision where you will land, what you will look like, how you will end up.  We all want to skip to the end and revel in that final chapter and see if we succeed.  But to what detriment?  To what sorrow? Or better yet to what happiness!  Don't rush it!

I like to enjoy these 'Future Self' moments.  They remind me that day by day and moment to moment we change and redevelop.  We always have that chance to redefine ourselves....create a new you.....embrace an  old you....and forgive ourselves for those little side trips we make, before we are finally comfortable and secure.  

So 'Past Self', love the new black sweater and pleased that you went to get that mammogram that you put off for 3 years.  Don't do that again!  'Future Self' keep going, you are building a community of people who love one another and I am proud to be you!!!  

To all my "Future Friends" out there-- believe in YOU, I do. Keep working hard, it's worth it. Try new things and don't believe anyone who says gaming is just "For Kids". Fun and Games are for everyone and "Play" is important for your good health!

~ Love, Lynn

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