Thursday, May 9, 2013

The past isn't broken...we are.

On my walk the other day I saw a perfectly good, beautiful, clean, comfy looking arm chair on the curb.  I was shocked that someone would put out this piece of furniture.  It was a waste...then I got closer and I could see the back of the chair.  The seam at the top was undone, not ripped, not dirty....just unattached.  Some stuffing was coming out and the metal that was part of the seam was showing.  All in all, the chair was fixable.  But why was it out on the curb.....then it hit me.

We, as a society, don't have the knowledge to fix broken things.  Now if this angers you because you are a person who can fix things.  Then.....GOOD, it should.

If we go back a very short time like say 50-70 years ago...people could preserve and can food, plant a garden, sew clothing, work with leather to repair shoes, create things with wood...shelves, bookcases, bed frames, dressers, chairs, toys, wagons, tables, window frames....the list goes on. They also had friends and neighbors who would teach the children the skills that the folks didn't have.  We as a society were pretty self sufficient.

What did it take but time.  Today we have time and we fill it with things like the I-pad, cell phones, Blue Ray players....we throw away the things that are used, torn, slightly damaged and hurry to get the latest and greatest.  We have lost the knowledge to fix things.  Then we watch shows that talk about apocalyptic ends to the world or reality shows and pretend we could "survive".

It's funny....because the fixers out there know the truth.  Those who can garden, sew, build things with wood and leather.  Those who have taught their kids the knowledge and passed on the torch.  Those who scour the curbs for a treasure to recreate.  They will survive.  So fixers next time you have a project, grab a kid you love and pass on the knowledge and skills, we used to call this an apprentice.   Kids if you are too busy with your cell phones, and I pads....then maybe it's time to "break" a habit and "fix" something together, grab a fixer!  

As for me, I think I will drive over and get that chair....

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