Saturday, June 29, 2013

June 12, 2013

I had the pleasure this week of presenting not 1 but 2 awards for Teacher of the Year.  But I’m getting ahead of myself…Friday June 7 was the end of the nominations for this award.  My employees gathered as a team and read through the entries that the customers had submitted.  We had an overwhelming response and the nominations were touching and heartfelt.  After we tallied up the names, the staff and I had a long drawn out conversation.  We never expected to be faced with such a tough decision.  The numbers spoke for themselves and we had a tie.  After much discussion, we came to the conclusion that both teachers needed to be saluted.  But without devaluing the award, how to do it?
Then it hit us, the Teachers were from different cities.  We would have a Sheboygan award and a Sheboygan Falls award this year.  So off I went on Monday to present the certificate at the already closed for summer Middle School in Falls.  The Principal was there on site and pleased to receive the certificate for her teacher.  Sheboygan Falls Teacher of the Year 2013 is Vickie Udelhoven.   Her students love her sense of humor and encouragement.  Congratulations Mrs Udelhoven. 
I had to wait till Tuesday to present the other award because the class was on a fieldtrip and I really wanted the kids to be there too.  Tuesday morning I arrived at ESAA and walked the quiet halls.  Knocking on the teachers door, I was greeted with a hearty Hello and Good Morning!  I was pleased to be able to Congratulate Helen Timm, as Teacher of the Year 2013 for Sheboygan!
This was the moment every kid in that room had been waiting for….as Mrs Timm teared up and got hugs all around.  Not only was she surprised and pleased but she was humbled by the love of her students. 

We have a lot of amazing teachers in the Sheboygan County area, we are incredibly blessed….but it doesn’t speak for the dedication and involvement that these folks give to our children.  This last 3 weeks your kids spoke up and nominated many wonderful people who have touched their souls.  From elementary to high school these teachers were nominated and deserve recognition too!

Mr Zeuner-Lutheran High School
Mrs Nicora- North High School
Mrs Jelinek-Zittel -North High School
Mr Brown- North High School
Mr Johannes- North High School
Mr Guy- Oostburg High School
Mr LeClair- Oostburg High School
Mrs Machut- Mosaic Middle School
Mr Baranek- Sheboygan Falls Middle School
Mrs Udelhoven - Sheboygan Falls Middle School
Mr Howard- Trinity Lutheran (8th grade)
Mrs Brumer- Urban Middle School
Ms Kimme- ESAA
Mr Timm- Grant Elementary School
Mrs Mentink- Washington Elementary School

Congratulations to all the wonderful folks who commit themselves unselfishly to growing good strong people!  We are eternally grateful for your dedication, hardwork and love.  Have a wonderful summer and we will see you in the fall!

~ Lynn and The GameBoard Staff

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